Baby talk Antenatal

Our antenatal course provides those expecting their first baby with the information that they need to help them get through the final weeks of pregnancy, understand what happens during labour and birth, and prepares them for the first 28 days and beyond.  

Our Antenatal Course

The classes
Our course consists of 7 weekly sessions of approximately two hours. These are held in the evening (7pm-9pm) in a local Kingston pub, providing a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other couples and get excited about your future arrivals. 

Course content
Our courses are full of modern information, delivered in a non-judgmental setting. Not only our are sessions informative, they are also fun, and we look forward to getting to know you in an interactive setting. Click here to view our course content.

Our team, your village
Each of our sessions is run by a local professional (midwife / lactation consultant / sleep coach). Click here to meet our team.

The price
£169 for our 7 week course. 

Let's be honest, a big part of doing an antenatal course is to meet other local like-minded people who are going to be on the same journey as you. We will connect you with your course mates
via WhatsApp ahead the course commencing, and organise a meet up for all you once your little ones have arrived!