Katerina Foutsi

Katerina Foutsi, BSc, MSc, MSc, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist (NHS & Private work)


During these challenging times, women who are pregnant, have just given birth and have young or older children, need support more than ever along with their families.


Being a Systemic Psychotherapist with a background in Psychology and having recently become a mum myself, I am confident that I can use my knowledge, experience and skills to support you with any difficulties that you might be facing in your journey.


I offer online and face to face psychotherapy to individuals (adults & children), couples and families.


My style is empathetic and collaborative, so I will be exploring these issues in depth with you in order to be able to best support you to achieve your goals and live the life that you wish and hope to live.  Feel free to contact me for a first chat to discuss any questions that you might have.  

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Kingston upon Thames

Tel: 07740437207

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