Hi, my name is Beverley, and I am an experienced birth and postnatal doula, recognized with both NCT and Doula UK. I also teach Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing, am a Holistic Sleep coach and a Brazelton Newborn Baby Observation practitioner. I have completed an International Lactation Consultant Association approved infant feeding course so am able to support breastfeeding or any other feeding method you choose to use.

I live in Banstead and work in the local area providing support in your own home as well as at the hospital.

Pregnancy, labour, birth and the first few months with your new baby are such an important time in life for you and those surrounding you. Your experiences, and the way you are cared for, really matter, and can have an impact, either positive or negative, lasting for the rest of your life.

Birth:- I believe that if you have an abundance of support, love and care, you will better be able to engage with your body’s ability to labour and birth your baby, and find the strength to make any decisions that might become necessary along the way.

The birth doula service I offer aims to provide the additional support that you and your partner need on your journey towards meeting your baby, both in the home and in hospital.


Postnatal:- The time after you have given birth should be a time when you are well supported, both emotionally and practically, allowing you to adjust, at your own pace, to life with a new-born – love and assistance should be something that every new parent has available, allowing you to grow in confidence in your new role. I offer you this much needed support in your own home.

Hypnobirthing:- Mindful Hypnobirthing is a combination of hypnosis and mindfulness techniques. During the course you will learn to connect to the part of your mind that is beneath your conscious awareness. This helps you to prepare for labour by giving you the opportunity to shift your thinking from a state of fear, anxiety or apprehension, to calm, confident and positive. Allowing you to look forward to the birth of your baby with calm, confident expectation.

Your partner will have the opportunity to learn to be the best birth partner they can be! To prepare emotionally for the birth, to share thoughts, fears and hopes, to create a deeper connection and offer support that comes from love, not fear.

Mindful Hypnobirthing provides a simple and adaptable toolkit for you both to use in preparation for, and throughout your birth experience.

Brazelton New Born Baby Observation – We know that a newborn baby’s method of communication is through their behaviour, so taking time to observe and understand this behaviour, means understanding what your baby is saying, who they are and what they like and dislike.

After each observation we talk through what your baby is telling us through their behaviour and how to understand their communications and therefore support them.

It is a great way to get to know your baby and to get some new ideas of how to care for them.


If you would like to explore more about the services I offer, please have a look at my website or get in touch!

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