Why choose us?

Why choose our Antenatal Course?

We know that there are many fab antenatal courses out there and that we are new around here.... so why choose us? 

We are truly local

Our course content has been designed, and is delivered, by local professionals. You are therefore never too far from your village when you need them (you might even see one of our midwives (a friendly face) during your antenatal appointments or labour/birth!)

We'll tell you what to actually expect from labour and birth...

We will provide you with a modern outlook, but also realistic expectations. So whether you give birth following an induction, via C-section or vaginally, whether you opt for gas and air or an epidural for pain relief, we've got you covered (and in detail!)

We are social!

Kingston Baby Talk set out to connect new parents so that they had a network of like-minded friends on their doorsteps. Our antenatal course is no different! We meet each week in a local pub in Kingston, which is the perfect place to get to know one another.

We cover the first 28 days in detail

We also cover, in detail, the first 28 days, including breastfeeding, sleep and a module about your recovery. We believe that this information about those early days is just as important as knowing what to expect during labour and birth!